Top 10 Hollywood Obese Celebrities

Ever seen or heard of Hollywood obese celebrities? Celebrities are supposed to be the ones with the very perfect slim shape due to the fact that they take care of their daily diets and making sure they don’t eat excess. But whenever they are tired of keeping their diets then they start losing body shape. In this post we will be talking about top 10 Hollywood obese celebrities. So let’s roll.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has become so much comfortable with being famous that she probably began to think that she can do whatever everyone will love it. Well it will not go in this way when it comes to her chubby looks. Her weight has fluctuated over the past years. It is believed that she is in love with eating pizza and remain slept till midday. There is also a hand of giving birth twice in her bulky looks. We are quite sure that she will again lose some weight whenever she got noticed of it!


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